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Moon Knight Mask (Wearable)

Moon Knight Mask (Wearable)

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Design by Nikko Industries.

This is a Moon Knight variation mask designed by Nikko Industries.
It is fully 3D Printed from PLA plastic and is a raw printed mask straight from the printer.
I will remove support material and sand rough edges but it will need to be further sanded and
painted to be a finished product. The mask will be printed in whatever color I have on hand
You can order the bandages version or the "clean" version to match the images. Bandage version does not
come with the hood, only the mask. Bandage mask does come in two pieces so that it can be worn.

Sizing is based on head circumference measured around the largest portion of the head just above the eyebrows.
If your size is not listed message me and I can make a custom size.

This is not a licensed product and I am not affiliated with Marvel.

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