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Maximus Gladiator Helmet Wearable

Maximus Gladiator Helmet Wearable

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This is a fully 3D printed and wearable helmet based on Maximus Gladiator.
The design is made by Nikko Industries.

I use PLA plastic to print all of my helmets and props. This plastic is biodegradable, food safe and
overall easy to work with for props. (Make sure not to leave these items in hot areas such as locked cars with the widows
closed.) This is a raw print so it will need sanding and filler to be ready for painting. I will also
be offering pre-sanded options in the future.

The sizing that the helmets are based on is the inches around the head of the circumference of the
largest portion of the head. (Make sure to take your nose into consideration!)
If you don't see your size feel free to message me as I will make custom sized helmets at no extra charge.

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