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Mandalorian Cosplay Helmet

Mandalorian Cosplay Helmet

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This is a fully 3D printed Mandalorian Helmet designed by Nikko Industries.
It is made from PLA plastic that is biodegradable and recyclable.
This is a full size helmet that can be worn or just placed on a shelf to display.

You can purchase the helmet in several finishes:

Raw print will be just a raw form of the helmet. All helmets are printed in one piece and are roughly sanded
to remove support material and rough edges before shipping. These will be printed in whatever color I have on hand but I will typically try to make them in silver if available. In order to finish the raw helmet to be painted
it will need to be sanded and filler added before painting. (ships in 3-5 business days)

Resin coated helmets are raw printed helmets that have two coats of XTC-3D epoxy applied to the helmet.
The resin fills in most of the printing lines to help smooth the surface of the helmet and give it a glossy finish. (Some brush marks may show in the resin after drying but I try my best to get them all out, a light sanding with 220-400 grit will take out any imperfections)
It is also easier to sand if you want to fully finish the helmet as well make the helmet more durable.
(ships in 1-2 weeks)

The finished helmet will be 100% complete and ready to wear anywhere. I will resin coat the helmet then
sand and paint as well as clear coat. Then I cut and install the face shield as well as including replacement
helmet padding that you can stick to the inside where you would like to make it comfortable to wear.
(ships in 3-4 weeks)

Sizing is based on head circumference measured around the largest portion of the head.

If you would like a custom size or color message me and we can create a custom listing for you.

This is intended to be fan art only and is not a licensed product.

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