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Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Blast

Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Blast

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This listing is for a 3D printed Dragon Ball Z Kamehameha Blast. Designed by Nikko Industries and It is available in several options listed below.

Raw print: this option will come as a raw print and all in one color. All prints will be made in PLA material unless listed otherwise. Due to the printing process there will be some visible layer lines and rough spots that will need sanded and filled before painting.

Finished print: this option is for a fully finished and painted model made in PLA plastic. Once printed I apply layers of resin to fill the layer lines and help smooth the surface. After that I put it through a series of sanding with multiple grits of sandpaper. Once the model surface is smooth it is hand painted and clear coated to protect the paint.

Sizing: This is only available in one size and is telescoping.

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